Slide Contacts

Call, Text & Email anyone by sliding their name, all in one super fast app: Slide right to Call, slide left to Text, slide way left to Email. It’s that easy.

Slide Contacts

Call, Text & Email anyone by sliding their name, all in one super fast app: Slide right to Call, slide left to Text, slide way left to Email. It’s that easy.

“Replaced Phone & Text in my dock and the stock Contacts app…so glad I found this!”

About the App

It’s like speed dial for calls, texts AND emails.

*Top 10 Social Networking App*

- Speed Dial for Call, Text and Email
- Address Book manager built-in
- Contacts automatically sync with iCloud
- Phone: Keypad / Dialer included
- Group Text & Email
- Themes: 10 beautiful designs


I wanted one app in my dock that would make it
easy to contact people in any way I wanted…fast.

The goal in making Slide Contacts was to make it the fastest way to connect with everyone, especially the people you talk to most.Unlike a lot of apps that make you choose one action for each contact, with Slide Contacts you can call, text and email every contact on your favorites list without the need for 2-3 different speed dial actions setup for each person.Part of that was making it an address book manager so you don’t have to use the default Phone, Messages OR Contacts apps.To give it more personality and color, you can customize the look and feel by choosing from 9 beautiful themes:

Green, Orange, Red, Purple, Pink, Gunmetal, Ocean, Night, Sky & Seven (designed to fit nicely with iOS 7). Check it out and let us know how you like it!

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About the developer

Why did you start the company?

I started Pure Signal in 2011 because I wanted to build apps that I love using myself, like a super fast and flexible speed dial app (Slide Contacts), and a goals & habits tracker (Strides). My experience is in designing and developing websites, so I decided to focus on user experience and design. In order to avoid being too spread thin, I hired developers to work alongside me and bring my app ideas to life.

What were some of the challenges you’ve faced with your company, what you’ve learned as a result?

The biggest challenge I’ve faced with my app company has been focusing on ideas that people really want, and are willing to pay for (i.e. Validation). I started out with an app that let you create custom calculators on the iPhone, like a mobile-optimized spreadsheet, called CalcForm. I invested $19,500 in development and it has made less than $500 back over 2 years!
That experience taught me a lot about validating my ideas by testing prototypes to make sure people are as into the concept as I am…before starting development.

What inspired you to create this app?

The idea for Slide Contacts came to me after searching for a simple, well-designed app that allowed me to Call, Text and Email the people I talk to most, as quickly as possible. I couldn’t find anything flexible enough that was as fast and simple as I was hoping to find, so I made a prototype in a weekend, got some awesome feedback from about a dozen people, and it was live in a few months!

What other apps have you developed?

Strides: Goals & Habits Tracker (
CalcForm = Calculator + Spreadsheet (

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